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What is Conscious Consumerism? [Infographic]

Ever wondered what ‘Consciously Consuming’ is all about? See the infographic below to learn about this growing trend, and about social enterprises in Australia.

Source: University of Queensland C.E.P Program Students
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Interested in Conscious Consumerism?

This infographic was developed by a group of students undertaking a University of Queensland Community Engagement Program. The full collection of infographics and a summary of the underlying global research into ‘buy social’ attitudes is available on request.

Are you a conscious consumer?  

At its heart, conscious consumerism is about people like you and I deciding we want to make a positive difference with our shopping dollar.  

We each may choose to do this in a different way, but collectively there is a global trend towards individuals being more mindful in their purchasing behaviour.

In future articles, I’ll write more about how businesses are responding to the conscious consumerism trend, and highlight some of the great things happening here in Australia.  

Plus I plan to share tips about actions we can take to support social causes we care about each and every time we shop.  

But for now, I’ll wrap up this post with some evidence that entrepreneurs are certainly taking notice of the growing interest by Australian consumers in the social and environmental impact of their purchases.  

Some big businesses are too, but it’s the growth in the social enterprise sector that I personally find exciting…

Social Enterprises in Australia are growing strongly

There has been an increasing interest in social enterprises in Australia over the last 5 years with the number of social enterprises increasing by 37%. There is now estimated to be approximately 20,000 social enterprises existing in Australia (Social Traders, 2010).

But what exactly is a social enterprise?

“ an organisation that is led by a cultural, economic, social and/or environmental mission that is aligned with a public community benefit.  Social enterprises trade to fulfil their purpose, and often reinvest the majority of their profit/surplus in the accomplishment of their mission.” 

(Social Traders, 2010). 

Clearly this fits very well with, and one could argue is a direct response to, the social movement towards ‘Conscious Consumerism’.   After all, if there is increasing awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment and our lives as consumers, then it makes sense that businesses will be set up with a focus on these issues to meet what customers want.   

So now that you have some background knowledge of this social movement, why not join Gifts4Good to make a difference with your everyday shopping?

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