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Who are the Conscious Consumers? [Infographic]

What issues do conscious consumers care about, and what drives them to buy? Our infographic has the answers...

Source: University of Queensland C.E.P Program Students
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Interested in Conscious Consumerism?

This infographic was developed by a group of students undertaking a University of Queensland Community Engagement Program. The full collection of infographics and a summary of the underlying global research into ‘buy social’ attitudes is available on request.

Customers who care

At Gifts4Good, we're all about serving conscious consumers ... individuals like you and I who want to make a difference with our shopping.

So it was important for us to find out more about just what makes sustainable and caring consumers tick.  With the help of some socially-minded university students from UQ, we identified global research studies on this topic and delved into just what they found.  We thought you'd be interested in the results as well.  

Do you fit the conscious consumer profile?  Are these factors true for you too?  

Please comment at the end of this post.

What Issues are Important?

Interestingly, as shown in the infographic above, the top two issues conscious consumers care about are:

      • access to clean water, and 
      • improved access to sanitation.
It's clearly no accident that Australian social enterprises like Thank You Group and Who Gives a Crap have struck a cord with consumers!

Environmental sustainability is number 3, and as the conscious consumer movement grows, this is something more businesses will need to take seriously.

However, to me it's very interesting that, apart from the environment, the top 5 issues conscious consumers care about all relate more to developing countries than to matters closer to home.  As shoppers, it seems our first thought is not about how our shopping can or will make a difference here in Australia.

Part of our mission here at Gifts4Good is to make it possible, easy and convenient to ensure your shopping can also help causes in your local community - like education, youth unemployment, mental health, homelessness and support for marginalised and vulnerable members of our own society. 

It's True - the Younger Generation are more Socially Focused

When it comes to shopping and who they want to work for, it seems the research supports the anecdotal view that the millennial generation identifies more with social issues.   

According to the research, more than half of them say they will pay more for sustainable products, and that they check labels.  Only 12% of people over 50 say the same.  My speculation is that price and convenience/quality are more important to older age groups ... and perhaps they've developed more of a cynicism for claims on packaging.

Whatever the reason, I think it's fantastic that younger people think about where they are spending their money.  One of my fundamental beliefs is that there is enormous collective power in how we choose to 'vote' with our dollar.  But the first step is being aware of the difference we each can make.


Quality Drives Us to Buy,  But Price is Still a Key Motivator!

Hey retailers!  Please don't stop giving us discounts and deals ! 

Because while we mostly buy products because we like them, or because we thought the quality was better than competitors, the price and 'buying because it was on sale' are still hugely important.

The issues we care about are important factors ... but not at the expense of cost or quality it seems.  

This is consistent with one of the barriers to sustainable purchasing identified in the research ... the problem that "I can't find sustainable products at the places where I shop".   

We hope this changes over time, as more retailers integrate sustainable practices into their business and product range.  However, until then, one solution is to shop via Gifts4Good. Every time you buy online through our website, from more than 400 retail partners, your purchase earns a free donation for a community cause you care about.

So if you haven't already done so, please join us to make a difference with your shopping.

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