Make a difference just by shopping!

Will you become a zombie for a cause?

This weekend, it's Halloween. You can make it matter, by participating in a Zombie Walk near you and fundraising to support the Brain Foundation.

Every year several cities and towns in Australia hold a zombie walk where people of all ages dress up as zombies and walk—or limp—through city streets. 

Funds raised through events go to the Brain Foundation’s research grant program.   The Brain Foundation is  registered with Gifts4Good, so you can also support them with your everyday shopping!

Join in the Zombie Fun

The Perth and Adelaide walks are already behind us, but you can still participate in the upcoming walks:

Sydney- October 31, 2015
Brisbane- November 1, 2015
Canberra- October 31, 2015

The first step is to register (mandatory) for the walk you wish to participate - you can do this online via the links above.  The rest? We got you covered with our Zombie Guide.

Quick Zombie Starters Guide 

  • Start off with a costume. 
Options include: Death Row Inmate Men's Zombie, Biohazard Men's Toxic Zombie, Death Do Us Part Women's Zombie, Bloodstained Nurse (all items available at Heaven Costumes, a Gifts4Good partner retailer and sponsor of the Adelaide Zombie walk).

  • Add accessories. 
Options include: Zombie Teeth, Decaying Zombie Gloves, Zombie Baby Backpack (all items available at The Party People).  The Party People has Australia's largest range of party supplies.  They are also a Gifts4Good partner retailer and are playing an active role in organising the Sydney Zombie walk.

  • Apply realistic makeup to finish
Options include: Spray Blood, 3D Zombie Rot FX Transfers, Zombie Flesh Makeup (also available at The Party People).

Watching is almost as much fun!

If you don’t want to participate in the walk, it’s still fun to watch.  Bring your little monsters along for a fun family day out!  The more spectators, the more funds are likely to be raised for the great work of the Brain Foundation. 

Beserk is another Gifts4Good partner retailer heavily involved with the Zombie Walks — sponsoring the 2015 Brisbane and Adelaide walks.  

Beserk carries zombie-themed apparel that would be good for spectators too.  Just search their website for 'zombie' and you'll see a Zombie Snow White Shirt, Zombie Pony T-shirt, Zombie Response Men’s Shorts, plus a bib for that littlest zombie in training! For a bit of extra fun, take it a step further and try their Zombie Contact Lenses!


More about the Brain Foundation

The Brain Foundation is a Australian charity that funds world-class and ground breaking research in neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries. The foundation aims to advance diagnoses, treatment and patient outcomes. Your donations are paramount because the Brain Foundation receives no government funding—and because there is no cure without research.  

Are You Planning to Participate?  Other Comments?

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