Make a difference just by shopping!

Buy Soap, Help Someone to See...

If you buy a L'Occitane Solidarity Soap today, you'll be making an important difference to someone's life.

It's World Sight Day today, October 8th.  More than 200 million people suffer from visual impairment worldwide and 80% of these cases could be prevented!

Gifts4Good makes it easy for you to help ... just by shopping!

It's as simple as buying a special soap product from beauty brand, L'Occitane.  

From today until stocks last, all purchases of the L'Occitane Solidarity Soap will contribute towards improving someone's sight.  This soap also makes a great gift.  

You can buy knowing you're giving back something of tremendous value to a person would otherwise not be able to afford glasses or eye care services.

Solidarity Soap by L'Occitane

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Made with shea butter from Burkina Faso, this apricot-scented soap gently cleanses the skin.  100% of the profits from the sale of this body soap will finance NGOs working on eye health projects in developing countries.

Truly Make A Difference

Gifts4Good's mission is to make it easy for individuals to use their consumer power as a force for good in the world.  

If you are a little sceptical of whether this type of consumer philanthropy can truly make a difference, think again.  In 2013, the sale of this little soap bar for World Sight Day contributed almost 190,000 euros to changing people's lives.  Wow!  

L'Occitane has supported World Sight Day for several years, selling its special soap to support the fight against avoidable blindness in developing countries.  

If you love L'Occitane products, you can purchase them at any time via Gifts4Good, and L'Occitane Australia will contribute 1.5% to your favourite cause.  

Other Ways To Support Preventable Blindness

When you are next buying glasses or contacts for yourself, consider purchasing from Gifts4Good retail partner, Vision Direct.  For every pair of glasses sold, Vision Direct donates one to someone in need.  So far, over $1.5M worth of glasses have been donated.  Why not buy one, give one today?

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