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At Gifts4Good, we're on a mission to have every gift contribute to a better future.  We believe it should be simple to make a difference in the world.  So our aim is to turn something we all do regularly (shopping online and buying presents for others) into an easy way to support worthy causes. 

Just start your shopping at our website, and any gift or product you buy will make a positive difference.  This simple act, combined with those of other motivated and ethical shoppers in the Gifts4Good community, can make a big difference.  

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world -  indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" 

Margaret Mead

Gifts4Good is a social enterprise.  We are committed to contributing 50% of online shopping payments from retailers, and 50% of other net business profits, to good causes.  

We have a non-profit ethos, as we do not distribute any profits to shareholders or third parties.  All money not distributed to good causes is re-invested back into Gifts4Good so we can help you have even more impact while you shop.  

Alison Gray, Founder 

Alison Gray is the founder of Gifts4Good.  The quote above is one of her favourites, along with Gandhi's "Be the change you want to see in the world."  She was inspired to start Gifts4Good because she wanted to make a positive contribution in the world of philanthropy and social impact.

Alison's previous corporate experience gave her an appreciation of the significant sums of money spent on business gifts to acknowledge customers, clients, and employees.

And when she read some figures about gift spending and the expected growth in online shopping in Australia, some lightbulbs went on!  How can I bring these things together to benefit great causes, she thought?


That inspiration led to the launch of Gifts4Good...  

Prior to starting the social enterprise, Alison was a senior manager in a public utility responsible for a large team and infrastructure development budget.  She now works part-time with national non-profit, GIVIT, while establishing Gifts4Good as a separate business enterprise.

Alison holds an MBA from the University of Queensland, and is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs' Business Incubator program.  

Gifts4Good Supports . . .

Eventually Gifts4Good will support a wide range of Australian charities, community organisations and social enterprises.  

Individuals may join Gifts4Good and choose their own favourite community causes to receive free donations as a result of their shopping purchases.  If there is a particular organisation or cause you would like to support that isn't yet registered with Gifts4Good, please let us know via our contact page.

If you wish to shop as a guest (and not register with Gifts4Good), free donations will be directed towards GIVIT.

GIVIT is a grassroots charity that connects those in need with those willing to give.  It facilitates the transfer of new or quality used items to those within our community in need by matching donors and charities via a virtual warehouse.

"The beauty of GIVIT to me, is that it works with more than 900 of Australia's most trusted charities.  So any contribution I can make to the work of the GIVIT team has ripple effects across the many diverse services supporting Australia's disadvantaged and vulnerable people."

In addition to earning charity donations through online shopping, you can also help via the list of urgently needed items on the GIVIT website.  If you have those items to give, just register and pledge your donation.  Full details of how GIVIT works can be found on its website.

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