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About Our Store:

We are a 100% vegan shop and have a huge range of cruelty-free gift ideas: Christmas Gift Hampers, leather-free designer handbags & wallets, gourmet chocolates, soy wax candles, vegan cookbooks plus all the vegan groceries you'll need for a cruelty-free Christmas feast. Located in Fitzroy Melbourne, Glebe Sydney and online we can deliver anywhere in Australia.. We support local animal rights & rescue groups with regular donations and with our Charity of the Month and Charity Christmas Tree initiatives.

Our goal is to make it easier for people to avoid supporting industries that exploit animals. We provide a wide range of delicious vegan food alternatives to ensure that people making ethical choices don't have to feel they are missing out on anything.

The Story Behind the Store:

I started the Cruelty Free Shop online way back in 2001 when online stores were only just beginning to appear. I had just become vegan and two things were bothering me; firstly I seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time reading ingredient labels and secondly, when telling people about my lifestyle change I encountered quite a lot of people who said “I used to be vegan but it was just too hard. 

So my mission was formed: To make it easier to for people to become and stay vegan by providing a one-stop-shop where they could get all those hard to find vegan foods and where someone had already done all the time consuming label reading for them. The Cruelty Free Shop started very small with a tiny range kept in a cupboard in my room. After a while it took over the spare room and eventually the shop grew so much that it took over my whole house; at one stage I was climbing over boxes to get to bed! Around this time I decided that Sydney needed a vegan outreach event, a way to reach the general public with the cruelty-free message so I pitched the idea of running a vegan event to Animal Liberation NSW who embraced the idea and allowed me to organise a Cruelty Free Festival as a public education/fundraising event under their banner. 

The Cruelty Free Festival is now a very successful annual event that attracts over 5000 people. Attendees are encouraged to try vegan food, purchase cruelty-free products and learn how they can make a big difference for animals by making small changes in their every day life. Meanwhile my Cruelty Free Shop was busy shipping vegan food and cruelty-free products all over Australia and things were growing fast partially due to a greater acceptance of online shopping but mostly to an ever-increasing number of people choosing a compassionate lifestyle, something that was very exciting to see. We finally outgrew my house and in 2012 opened our first bricks and mortar shop in the Sydney inner city suburb of Glebe. Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore officially opened the shop for us and cut the ribbon at our launch party. 

Since then the Sydney shop has grown in popularity in leaps and bounds. We have been very involved with the Sydney vegan and local communities organising events such as the annual Vegan Day Out where we encourage local restaurants to offer special vegan meals for the day. Not only is this a fun day out for vegans but it shows restaurants there is demand and many continue to offer those vegan options to this day. We also regularly host Sydney Vegan Club and book launches at our shop. In February 2014, we opened our Melbourne shop in Fitzroy with a huge launch party and a who’s who of the animal rights and vegan community in attendance. It was an exciting time for us as we’ve always loved visiting Melbourne both for the fantastic vegan restaurants and mostly because of the strength of the vegan community there. We’re looking forward to engaging more with that community with events and promotions as we progress. 

Our primary goals are to be a place where vegans and vegan-curious can feel welcomed and safe, to help make being vegan easy and to participate in vegan outreach and public education about animal rights. Our all-vegan staff members will always make time to answer your questions and provide information to about veganism or animal rights. We support animal rights organisations by fundraising for them both in store and online, selling merchandise on their behalf, event sponsorship and we also regularly donate vouchers and hampers to various animal rights and vegan groups for fundraisers. 

If you have any questions about any aspect of The Cruelty Free Shop, veganism or animal rights please feel free to email me on or either of our shop managers: Sydney or Melbourne Jess Bailey Founder, The Cruelty Free Shop

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