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Seven Women
Seven Women - Social Enterprise
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About Our Store:

Seven Women sells carefully handcrafted products made to Fair Trade standards. The entire proceeds from all sales is sent back to fund skills training for disadvantaged women in Nepal to help them create a sustainable future.

The Story Behind the Store:

Seven Women is an incorporated not for profit organisation, socially and economically empowering marginalised and disabled women in Nepal through skills training and employment. 

Our public speaking engagements, fundraising events, donations and sales of goods raise funds to support our centres in Nepal. 

 We began in 2009 as a grass roots development project to create change for seven women who were found operating out of a tin shed and enduring harsh discrimination as a result of being disabled. 

Seven Women founder Stephanie Woollard first met these women and invested in training in the hope that gaining a skill would give them a means to earn an income. Steph now designs what is sold herself and funds the project through the sale of the women's hand-made products. 

Through a dedicated and passionate team we have been able to establish two centres in Nepal which have trained and employed over 550 women. 

Recently, we have worked in rural Nepal developing greenhouse projects and funding tailoring training to enable marginalised women from 10 different villages to develop local income streams.

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