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Pure Aussie Indigenous Artwear
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About Our Store:

The Pure Aussie Hat Company was established in 2013 with the aim of bringing together Australia's leading Indigenous artists to tell their stories through their art on a wearable canvas.

Indigenous art has a long and well loved history in Australia. Each piece of art is the artists' interpretation of the world in which we live. Pure Aussie's INDIGICAP™ is genuine, hand-painted Aboriginal artwork on a hat.

We Offer Our Products Online to Personal Buyers, Small Businesses & Corporations, and Government Depts, Within Australia at Present.

The Story Behind the Store:

Pure Aussie's INDIGICAP™ is a high quality cap, hand painted by Indigenous artists, young and not so young, depicting his/her interpretation of a unique Aboriginal story in a fashionable, practical and wearable headpiece. 

  • For the Cap-Lover INDIGICAP™ is a completely unique one-of a-kind wearable statement. 
  • For the Artist INDIGICAP™ is a means of expression, creativity, and another way to create an income. 
  • For The Art-Lover INDIGICAP™ is an original piece of art on a wearable canvas. No one piece is 100% identical. 
The Indigicap team starts with 4 talented and committed indigenous artists, from many backgrounds and upbringings. With their support, we hope to expand Indigicaps to help fellow indigenous artists ... so that more can tell their stories using traditional and modern Aboriginal art.

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