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Oz Fair Trade
Oz Fair Trade - Registered Charity
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About Our Store:

Oz Fair Trade began with a simple wish: to help the people I met who lived in extreme poverty by providing a platform for their beautiful products. I want to give you the best ethical alternatives to mass produced products for everyday living, like fair trade scarves, fair trade bags, fair trade jewellery and fair trade homewares.

I am committed to giving you the best customer service and the most affordable and beautifully made fair trade products from around the world. I want to introduce to you the most hard working, talented and humble artisans I work with, who deserve a better life than $2 a day at an unsafe factory.

Oz Fair Trade is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand

The Story Behind the Store:

In early 2013, I started a not-for-profit business called Global Handmade, after a life changing trip to Southeast Asia. The things touched me most were how resilient these people were and how talented they were. I fell in love with their hand woven products, and thought I could help them to improve living standards and break the poverty cycle by introducing their fair trade products to the Australian market.

Since then, Global Handmade has been renamed to Oz Fair Trade to show my full commitment to Fair Trade Principles. In addition, Oz Fair Trade has been endorsed by ACNC as an Australian charity. Today, Oz Fair Trade still operates out of my living room in Canberra. I am forever grateful for the press and people who supported me right from the beginning. There will be no Oz Fair Trade without people like you, who care about other people. Thank you! 

I want to create a friendly and secure online market place where you will enjoy visiting time and time again for ethical and fair trade shopping for gifts and for yourself. I want to join forces with you to help push forward the fair trade movement in Australia, so that more people will earn a fair wage and work in a safe environment, so that their children will go to schools and help the family break the poverty cycle. 

My model is simple. 

I buy from Producer A and sell to you. Your purchase helps me to earn some profit so that I can buy from not only Producer A again but also from Producer B, and so on. The more sales I make, the more fair trade producers I can support, and the better off these producers and their families become. With a sustainable income, they can budget for household expenditure, provide their children an education, expand their handicraft businesses and live a dignified life. 

Every purchase is a statement of your values and beliefs. I believe in a fair world. With your help, I am positive that I can achieve that. Supporting fair tade is the simplest way to empower the most disadvantaged people in the world. Fair Trade is no longer a niche idea but a better lifestyle, an ethical way of living. Get involved! 

Qinnie Wang 

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