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Organic Bed Threads
Organic Bed Threads - Social Enterprise
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About Our Store:

Organic Bed Threads is the creative brainchild of textile designer Tarsha Burn, which has been evolving over 20+ years. Today the brand carries great weight in its creation and manufacture toward fairer trade and organic production within the handmade, artisan textile industry.

Our fabrics, dyes, threads, packaging, techniques and ethical standards have been accredited by reputable international agencies, such as GOTS and ILO. By enforcing ourselves to make our bed linen from certified organic cotton, we have thus pushed ourselves and our manufacturer, to adhere to strict social responsibility audits, that benefits the developing country of India, and places producers and artisans on the textile world map. Please therefore understand why our RRPs are higher than the average brand, as we are giving the producers and you so much more!

From seed to shelf, we can assure you that all production phases are transparent, in keeping with fairer trade policies. Built on the belief that trade has the ability to transform communities and positively impact lives, Organic Bed Threads is all about moving towards artisans and away from factories. We’re now well on track to creating an innovative socially responsible business that gives consumers a new opportunity to use their everyday choices for positive social impact.

The Story Behind the Store:

Creating Organic Bed Threads is a 20 year shelved dream that has come into fruition in very unusual and delightful ways. 20 years ago our original bed linen brand was purely to create doona/duvet covers with no significant ethical value, back then it was purely a concentration on the design aspects. 

After many interesting career and travel twists and turns, a unique 100% ethical value has been added to our bed linen eBusiness of which we am immensely proud of, despite the hard slog that has accompanied my research, development and production phases. 

Some of our values: 
  • We use 100% certified organic cotton. 
  • We do not tolerate or engage in: sweatshop labour, chemicals, or unfair trade. 
  • Our quality bed linen is based on fair trade standards, implemented by the International Labour Organisation, a specialised agency of the United Nations, giving an equal voice to workers.
  • Our handmade bed linen is environmentally friendly from seed to finished product and certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 
  • Designed In Australia. Produced in India. Handmade with respect for People & Planet.

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