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My goodness!

Pressing dried coconut flesh produces virgin coconut oil. With our DME® presses, the coconut is hand-pressed and cold-pressed within one hour of the nut being opened, resulting in our famous DME® extra virgin coconut oil.

The fresh white flesh (or meat) comes from mature coconuts. Cut up finely and dried the flesh becomes desiccated coconut. Adjusting the ‘cut’, the flesh can also be shredded or flaked (for baking and muesli). If ground finely when dried, desiccated coconut becomes creamed coconut (similar to coconut-flavoured white chocolate).

The remaining meal can be finely milled into gluten free, low carb, high fibre and high protein flour.

Coconut blossom nectar is harvested daily from the emerging flower bud. Naturally sweet, low glycemic and nutrient-rich, coconut nectar contains 17 amino acids, as well as minerals, vitamins B and C, and has an almost neutral PH. From evaporated coconut nectar, we make coconut sugar and coconut syrup. Coconut amino sauce and coconut vinegar are made from fermented nectar.

The Story Behind the Store:

Coconut has now taken off in the health market but it certainly wasn’t always so popular! We are proud to be original pioneers of a process for making DME® Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The Niulife brand (“niu” is pronounced “new” and means “coconut” in the Pacific) was launched in 2005 and continues to bring Pacific Island producers and Australian coconut consumers “new life from the tree of life”.

Behind the Australian-owned Niulife brand is a story of devotion, passion, belief and commitment. Niulife stands for 100% natural, fair trade, social justice, a sustainable environment and, of course, DME®. This is why.

Kokonut Pacific’s founder, Dr Dan Etherington AM, agricultural economist, is the inventor of the Direct Micro Expelling (DME®) presses. DME® is a low cost, small-scale, village-based extra virgin coconut oil extraction process for on-farm production – the quickest in the world.

Kokonut Pacific’s mission is 'empowering and bringing hope'. We work to improve the wellbeing of rural populations in tropical countries by producing DME® extra virgin coconut oil and selling it along with other coconut superfoods. We achieve this by revitalizing the smallholder coconut industry through the use of appropriate technology and by working in partnership with local communities. 

A pioneer social enterprise, Kokonut Pacific, through its DME® presses and product sales, has brought significant long-term benefits to society in terms of health, wellbeing, and the environment since its foundation in 1994. Niulife is Kokonut Pacific's online retail brand.

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