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The Kids Cancer Project
The Kids Cancer Project - Registered Charity
Deductible Gift Recipient(DGR): Yes

About Our Store:

We have a range of gorgeous bears to choose from, each individually gift boxed to make them the perfect gift. Proceeds from the sale of all purchased bears will fund vital medical research into cures for childhood cancers.

If you buy a bear, you can either have it delivered directly to yourself or to any address you nominate.

Each bear is individually boxed and comes with a personalised adoption card. They make perfect gifts for someone you love… or for yourself!

The Story Behind the Store:

The Kids Cancer Project is an independent Australian charity that funds world-leading research into childhood cancer.

Our project? To end the heartbreak childhood cancer brings to so many families.

  • Australia has one of the highest incidences of childhood cancer in the world.
  • Every year, 600 Australian children are diagnosed with cancer.
  • Childhood cancer claims the lives of three Australian children every week.
  • In Australia, childhood cancer represents a significant number of life years lost, second only to breast cancer.

Childhood cancer cannot be prevented, so the only way to improve outcomes for children with cancer is through medical research.

A non-institutional charity, we currently fund 13 research programs from eight of the most prestigious medical research organisations.

These programs are among the world’s best research into children’s cancer – a fact recognised by the international experts who sit on our Research Advisory Council and regularly assess the quality of the work your donations support.

Our supporters have helped us fund $20 million in medical research in the last seven years – and your generosity has contributed to real progress.

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