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Ecopads Australia
Ecopads Australia - Social Enterprise
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About Our Store:

Ecopads Australia is a Brisbane based social enterprise. We design, sew and sell reusable menstrual cloth pads. For each that is sold in Australia, we send one cloth pad to a girl or woman in a developing country. In addition to this, we are working with organisations to provide educational workshops about the female development, sex education and health hygiene. More importantly we hope to tackle period shaming, as there are social stigmas attached to menstruation, and we’d like to see this changed. Rather women should be embracing their womanhood and appreciating the beauty in it.

The Story Behind the Store:

Ecopads Australia is a social enterprise that makes cloth pads with a passion. For each perfectly imperfect cloth pad sold in Australia, we send one to a girl or woman in need. It is in the pressing issue of period shaming, which culturally and contextually shames women for being on their menstrual cycles, that we feel a strong passion to make a change. In countries such as India, Africa and Papua New Guinea, women are considered evil when they are on their periods. Within these countries, girls don't go to school when they are menstruating. 

It is our hope that  having access to cloth pads, clean water and sanitation, paired with educational workshops, that we are able to empower women and educate girls to challenge these cultural stigmas. 

About the founder: My name is Freeda and I was born in Melbourne, Australia, but moved up to Brisbane at the age of 3. Both of my parents were born and raised in Cambodia, and have been in Australia since fleeing the atrocities and brutalities of the Pol Pot Civil War. Due to my rich cultural background, I have a strong passion for human rights and equality. I believe that as a generation, we can help alleviate poverty by combating each small issue one by one, and see the world in the beauty I believe it’s intent was to be. 

I believe that every girl and woman should have access to sanitary products and this is a dream that our organisation lives by. Through giving a girl a reusable menstrual cloth pad pack, she is able to continue going to school without having to miss out on education. 

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