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Angkor Flowers & Crafts - Social Enterprise
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About Our Store:

Buying a rose bouquet for your mum? Or would like you to impress your new girlfriend with elegant long-stem roses in a well-presentable box? What if the joy and uplifting impression that such flowers often bring could even last longer?

When you buy any flower gift from Angkor Flowers & Crafts, you will receive a beautiful and hand made product specifically created for the “WOW FACTOR” to your intended recipients. Not only will they benefit from blooming their lives, so will you. Moreover, your essential support towards to our social enterprise will also make a much needed difference in the lives of disadvantaged women who are migrants and refugees from non-English speaking and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Ultimately, you would be helping them to blossom.

We have all types of flowers for that perfect wedding, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day. For decorative appeal, we also extend to heartfelt gestures of sympathy, congratulations, farewells and even ‘I’m Sorry’ gifts. For our customers, nothing is less than everlasting love, happiness, prosperity and friendship—all key tools to a stress-free and relaxed life.

We provide quality, exquisite and handmade flower arrangements and services at affordable prices, made with warmth, creativity and care from an enthusiastic and passionate team of experience florists qualify in Australia working together with our training women. With an exciting and the ‘wow factor’ selection on offer, you are spoilt for choice!

In other words, the flowers are not just our presents, they also announce our presence to the world.

Most of our products include flowers, hampers, crafts and Christmas gifts with a flat rate of as little as $10 per gift to the one location. We also extend our nation-wide service for a flat rate of only $16.95. For all delivery except fresh flowers and fruit hampers, it comes with insurance and accurate tracking service.

Our delivery is fast, with guaranteed next day delivery for the Sydney region.

The Story Behind the Store:

Wrestling with homesickness was a challenge during our migration to Australia, but it was even harder with limited English and low level of skills for employment. These limitations were a major hurdle to work and most social situations —no matter how hard we tried. This often eroded our self-confidence, and it only worsened when accompanied by abuse and neglect. Angkor Flowers & Crafts's mission is to enable wider economic participation, financial sustainability and quality of life through moral and employment support. Through training and experience, skills are established resulting in the confidence to achieve ultimate independence and self-empowerment for disadvantaged women. 

With this combination of personal experience and professional skills in both business and welfare, Sophea Jones, the founder of the organisation, came to realise that there was a need to create opportunities for migrant women. Many of these women have grown up in a culture that believes that women do not need to be educated and that their role in life is to look after the home and children. This has created a cycle of financial dependency, either on partners or welfare. In combination with neglect, abuse and family violence, these women have been robbed of choices in life and deprived of the ability to stand on their own two feet. Angkor Flowers has been established to provide these women with an opportunity to enter the workforce and create a stepping stone for future employment opportunities and choices. The business provides women from disadvantaged backgrounds with emotional support, skills development and employment opportunities so that they can blossom into a life with a greater degree of financial independence and opportunities for a better quality of life, both for themselves and their families. 

Since establishing in 2014, Sophea has presented and led many benefits of her enterprise, none of which the least have offered untold hope and fruitful labour to disadvantaged women. “There were times when I stumbled and fell, and there were times when I thought I wanted to give up but my family and my peers has always held my head up high, showing the true importance of teamwork. So I keep moving forward,” Sophea enthused. “The need of this project is becoming bigger and bigger all the time; now women from other Asian communities want to be involved and who’s to deny them that chance? At the same time, we require better business resources and outlays to accommodate our growing network of fantastic individuals who desire change.” 

“And now it is your call and you have the power to make a difference to these women’s lives….”

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