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ipersonalised iPhone 5 Case Personalised

iPersonalised offers true photographic quality when printing smartphone cases making the ordinary smartphone look extraordinary. To be able to do this, we use the world�s leading sublimation technology to transform your vision, photo or design into a vibrant and sophisticated phone case that will be unique to the individual and unlike any other. The images are printed INTO the surface of the case which is important when protecting the image and the phone case. Here at iPersonalised there's no stickers, no glue, no images rubbing off. Just beautiful cases that last a life time and images that wrap around the sides of the case to give it the desired finish. Our cases are built to last and are made from the most durable, highest quality polycarbonate plastic available on the market today. We guarantee our cases will fit any smartphone perfectly, whatever the model, and will never slip, slide, fade or scratch off. There are a multitude of opportunities waiting to be had with our product including cross promoting with corporate gift cards, promotional cases and heart to heart cases full of memories and love. Printing mostly Apple and Samsung cases we have the utmost confidence in our cases and the protection that they provide for these smartphones. Here at iPersonalised, we have a real focus on customer service and we ensure that we are with you every step of the way. iPersonalised is a family owned business in Brisbane and prides itself on quality before quantity. With probably the best customer service in Australia, iPersonalised is a business that you want to do business with. iPersonalised manages quality through: A defined and disciplined system, qualified operations management, using experienced and qualified suppliers, using industry approved materials and systems, proactively testing and evaluating at each step of the process and continuously learning from our issues and our customers. Our resolution when printing yields over 98% Ink Transfer. Resolution from screen to printed part, 1:1. And to top it all off, we utilise the ONLY film that can wrap high resolution and keep full ink density.

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