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dadshop Massage at Home - 1 Hour

Oooh, a lovely, relaxing massage. There�s nothing quite like it. Yet let�s be honest. It�s never quite the same when your loved one attempts it. They do their best, bless them, but they�re hearts aren�t really in it. And their hands haven�t quite got the same touch. They�re certainly no match for those of the remedial massage professional. But that�s what you get with this experience; a luxurious massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It�s the ultimate in total relaxation with a qualified massage therapist lasting 1 hour to leave you feeling rejuvenated, chilled and beautifully balanced once again. Skilled in remedial massage, your therapist arrives at your door with everything they need ready to send you into realms of deep tranquil pleasure. Ideal for all those who want a little pampering to take away the headache blues, or ease the pain of stiff necks, or general aches and pains. Or for those who simply want to be indulged like never before. And that�s the great thing about a massage. It�s simply bliss for the whole body and mind. What could be more enjoyable?

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