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Valentines Day Stuffed Animals. 22 Cute Ideas for Your Sweetheart

These 22 adorable ideas for Valentine's Day stuffed animals include traditional and non-traditional options for a fun, unique gift!

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Valentine's Day is one of the best times of year to show your sweetheart how you really feel. Better still, it's one time of year when getting sappy, mushy and uber-romantic is practically required! Get inspired by our long list of stuffed animal options and really wow your special someone this year with a bear (or zombie!) that's unique and personal. 

There's nothing truly original about a bear holding chocolates, but there's definitely nothing wrong with it either! Choose an ultra-plush animal and gourmet chocolates to up the wow factor.
Melt Hearts with A Teddy

From: $47.00

 'I Love you more than Chocolate' -  now that is truly saying something!  it must be love or it's a great way to make sure they share with you! 

This gift melts hearts - who's heart do you want to melt?

Another tradition that never goes out of style is an adorable stuffed toy holding a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers. If you're on a budget, a single red rose is just as charming.
Grand Seduction

From: $195.50

The ultimate way to deliver your most romantic thoughts.  One dozen long-stemmed roses, accompanied by sparkling wine, chocolates and an adorable teddy bear.

This oldie-but-goodie never fails. There's just something about a massive stuffed animal that melts hearts! There are loads of animal options available; choose the one best-suited to your sweetheart.
Foam Bath Blocks Ball Run Set

From: 39.95

Create your own ball run or water fall with this exciting set from BathBlocks. Build on the play base or stick the wet blocks to the wall. BathBlocks are made from phthalate free foam and are mildew and bacteria resistant. Meets Australian Standards. Recommended for children 3 years+.

Traditional Valentines Stuffed Animals - with a Twist!

Talking stuffed animals have been around for a while, but they're  guaranteed to bring a smile. Some options say “I Love You” or a traditional Valentine's message, others sing classic love songs, and still others let you record your own personalised message.
The Cordless Slide and Negative to Digital Picture Converter

From: $249.00
This is the only portable device that preserves cherished slides and film negatives at 9 megapixel resolution--the highest available on models of this type without being tethered to a computer or electrical outlet.
For a twist on flowers, present your honey with a bear (or their favorite animal) holding a gorgeous pot of live flowers to plant outdoors or on a sunny windowsill.
Cute & Alive

From: $59.70
Nothing else says it like beautiful fresh living plants do. They make a wonderful gift for any occasion, and one that keeps on giving and flourishing long after it arrives.
Instead of chocolates or flowers, present an adorable stuffed animal holding a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.  Dress your animal up in a waiter's outfit for even more cuteness.

Another little twist is to personalise your bear in some way - something as simple as a personalised name badge is a little extra touch to show them how important they are.  Other options include a plush toy wearing a Tshirt with their name on it.
Gorgeous opal pendant necklace

From: $110.00
Price does not include duty / tax. Show off a classic with this opal gemstone necklace by Blue Nile, framed in sterling silver and finished off with elegant rope detailing.

A Little Something Extra ...

If you've been planning on proposing for a while, there's no better time than Valentine's Day! Depending on your style, there are many options available. Your stuffed animal can hold a ring box, a crystal rose or a “Will You Marry Me” banner. You can also have a banner made for “The Future Mrs. X” or even use a recorded message. Just be sure to get down on one knee! 

Search online for a breed-specific stuffed cat or dog to announce your gift of a brand new real puppy or kitten.
Gorgeous leather wallet

From: $69.95
A leather wallet styled with clean, sleek lines.  Tri-fold with card compartments, ID and coin section

If you've been waiting to let your partner know you're expecting, you can pop the good news with a baby bear! On the same lines, you can use pink or blue bears to do a gender-reveal.
Choc Fields Pink Bouquet

From: $79.00

Go a shade of pink with this pretty bouquet featuring a creamy treat for the new parents or parents to be of a baby girl. Ferrero Rocher and Belgian chocolates sprout from a tasty garden for two, complete with a quality lamb plush toy.

You can use a bear or any animal to hint at other gifts to come, large or small. Try a driving cap and keys for the gift of a new car, a mascot for season sports tickets or a bear in a boat for a cruise!
Drawing, Doodling & Colouring for Christmas

From: $9.90
A festive book filled with doodling, drawing and colouring activities. Simple pictures invite the child to finish the scene, pattern, person or object, while giving scope for creativity and innovation. Activities include: filling a snowball fight full of snowballs and drawing a Christmas town scene.

Cute and Cuddly for a Cause

Many charities sell bears to raise money ... you can give a gift to someone special while also supporting a good cause.   
A Bear for Charity

From: $49.95

Proceeds from the sale of all purchased bears will fund vital medical research into cures for childhood cancers. If you buy a bear from the Kids Cancer Project, you can either have it delivered directly to yourself or to any address you nominate. 

Each bear is individually boxed and comes with a personalised adoption card. They make perfect gifts for someone you love… or for yourself! Options include pirate, fairy, princess, nurse, doctor and cyclist bears.

If your Valentine has a big heart for helping others, maybe give them just a small gift and buy a bear for someone in need on their behalf.
Donate to Support Infant Loss

From: $50.00

Donate a Bear Of Hope to help comfort, to offer hope and to heal the hearts of families affected by pregnancy and infant loss, right across Australia.  Each bear of hope in these packages is donated in memory of a family's dearly loved baby. 

The gifted bear fills the empty arms of another family as they walk out of the hospital without their baby. Every package includes vital literature relevant to their loss e.g. guiding families through capturing important memories with their baby, support services available, where to connect with other parents etc.

For the environmentally-conscious sweetheart, seek out a bear or other stuffed animal bearing fair-trade, organic chocolates or other goodies.   
Lindt Creation Dessert

From: $16.00
A fine selection of chocolates inspired by famous dessert recipes.

Non Traditional Options ...

Til (Un)Death Do Us Part – Does your sweetie love horror movies? If so, they might be a bit bored with a traditional bear. Instead, find (or make) a blood-splattered, ripped and tattered version to fulfill their scariest zombie dreams.  
Union Jack Socks

From: $12.00||nx241nav|||||||||||||
Union Jack Socks by Charles Tyrwhitt. Comfortable, fun and just a little bit quirky, these men€s Union Jack socks will liven up your sock drawer. Sock composition is 78% mercerised cotton/20% polyamide/2% elastane.

If your lover is a die-hard sports fan, look for a bear or other animal in their favorite team's colours. You can also dress a regular animal in baby-sized team apparel, or purchase a stuffed mascot and deck it out with a romantic banner.
Sea Creatures Puzzle

From: $12.90
The kids will love this under the sea knob puzzle with its bright colours. Great for fine motor skills and knowledge of marine animals.

Same-sex Valentines will adore bears, kittens, puppies or their favorite animals all decked out in rainbow attire! For an alternate take, line up a bunch of animals, each one in a single bright hue, to create your very own rainbow. 
Simple, elegant, patterned black tie

From: $19.99 
Black pattern tie in dark tones that will help you achieve a polished, professional finish to your formal outfit. Wear against a white shirt to make this print stand out.

You could also look for more exotic animals like a gorilla, elephant, hippo, zebra or your sweetheart's favourite animal. Online toy stores often have a wide selection.
Wooden Animal Puzzles

From: $39.90 
This beautiful set of 9 wooden animal puzzles make a great gift for toddlers. The colourful puzzle set is perfect for toddlers in exploring the world around them. Animals include: an elephant, giraffe, horse and cat.

If you want an alternative to an animal altogether, then there are plenty of cuddly but quirky options ... like an Emoticon cushion to express your feelings.
Advanced Gaming Headset

From: $89.95 
This is the perfect Christmas gift for the ultimate gamer. The Advanced Gaming Headset from E-Blue is a very different beast, it is balanced to deliver only the bass intended by the original source rather than emphasise explosions.

A Romantic Approach

For a sexy, playful take on stuffed bears, find a large one and dress it up in a gift of extravagant lingerie (or fun boxer briefs!).  Or get them a teddy with a custom printed naughty message.   
Personalised Teddy Bear

From: $16.99
Personalized cute teddy bears online with your favorite photos and special messages.  Add their pictures or get their name printed. 
These teddy bears are made of extra soft high quality fur and can be customized at just a click.

All you have to do is choose a template from our designs and edit it or you can also upload the picture of your choice and add a special message for your loved ones.

If your honey isn't really into chocolate or flowers, try a bear holding a bath-and-body gift set. Everybody loves a relaxing, pampering soak in a bubble bath! 
Sport Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

From: $127.26 
This Portable speaker is Marine-Grade IPX4 Splash-Proof & Shock-Resistant. It has built-in Bluetooth Technology -in which you can stream music wirelessly and works with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device.
Lastly, you'll really earn brownie points if you ask their parents if they still have the favourite stuffed animal they enjoyed most as a child.  Have it professionally cleaned and/or fixed, then present it on Valentine's for an ultra-personal gift they'll adore. 
Adorable Puppy

From: $27.95
As you can see, there are so many options for Valentines Day stuffed animals. We hope you've found the perfect one to melt the heart of your sweetheart!

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