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Saving Bilbies with the Consumer Chocolate Dollar

A wonderful example of harnessing the power of the consumer dollar for good causes is the association between chocolate and saving cute little bilbies from extinction.  

Australian charity, Save the Bilby Fund, had a 10 year sponsorship arrangement with Darrell Lea Chocolates, where a portion of sales from their chocolate bilby products supported the charity's wildlife-saving work.  Over the decade-long partnership, more than $350,000 was contributed to saving the bilby.

To me, its a great example of consumer philanthropy in action!  

Unfortunately, Darrell Lea stopped making bilby products in 2012.  Thankfully for the bilby, Fyna Foods, the makers of Pink Lady Chocolates stepped up to the plate in early 2013.  A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Pink Lady bilbies and other chocolates is now going to the Save the Bilby Fund. 

So if you ever needed an excuse to buy chocolate, here it is ... save threatened species with each chocolate gift you buy! 

Save the endangered bilby by buying one of the line of fundraising chocolates from Pink Lady chocolates.  

You'll be helping to provide year-round help to save this iconic native Australian animal. 

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