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Shop4Good Reminder - Never Miss A Donation!

We recently released a handy Shop4Good Reminder tool. Add it to your desktop, and after that a popup will appear whenever you visit a Gifts4Good online retail partner. Click 'Yes I want a free donation' on the popup. It's simple, easy and free ... and the ultimate in guilt-free shopping!

I've lost count of the number of times my friends have said 'Alison, I love your website, but I shopped over the weekend, and forgot to visit Gifts4Good before I made my purchase!'  So many lost opportunities to raise money for good causes ....

So I knew I needed to make it easier for people to remember they can donate to their favourite causes while they shop.  

Drum roll .... enter the Shop4Good Reminder!

This simple tool acts a reminder for Gifts4Good users at the time you are ready to buy.  It works with your internet browser to create a popup to remind you to 'collect' your free donation.  

How It Works

Download the Shop4Good Reminder 'app' to your desktop. It will then work with your internet browser to detect when you have visited the website of a Gifts4Good retail partner.

It will highlight retailers in search results, and when you shop at a Gifts4Good partner a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to make a donation to the charity of your choice at no extra cost.  A no-brainer?

Just click!  That's all you have to do.

The retailer's software will work with Gifts4Good to ensure the donation earned by your purchase is made to your favourite cause.   So simple! And remember, it's completely free to use.

Get it Now

If you are using the Google Chrome internet browser, you can download the Shop4Good reminder from this page.


Will this work with my computer/device?

At this stage, the Shop4Good Reminder only works on desktops using Google Chrome.  We hope to develop a reminder for Firefox and Safari in the near future.

Are all Gifts4Good retailers part of the Shop4Good reminder?

No, some retailers will pay donations when you shop via the Gifts4Good website, but do not allow popups like the Shop4Good Reminder.  Two major retailers who are not part of the reminder are Amazon and


We would love to hear your feedback.  Please add your comments below.

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