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Yummy Chocolate Gift Ideas!

Chocolate gift ideas suit nearly any occasion. See gourmet chocolate gift basket suggestions, chocolate flower gift ideas and more from the team at Gifts4Good.

Chocolate gift ideas suit nearly any celebration or occasion.

 So when looking for a topic to start off the Gifts4Good blog, I couldn't think of a better theme than chocolate.

In fact, the first few blogs are going to focus entirely on the humble cocoa bean.  Why?  Because there's so much to write about:

  • Chocolate is a frequently bought item where you can easily create social change by your purchase choice.  Thousands of people are helping to stop slavery by joining the movement towards chocolate from fair trade cocoa beans.  
  • One of the goals of Gifts4Good is introduce you to some interesting Australian social enterprises.  We've no shortage of inspiration related to chocolate.  Keep your eye out for future blogs - we plan to profile local businesses such as The Mildura Chocolate Company and The Heart of Chocolate.
  • It's easy to find tempting chocolate gift ideas to share, where a percentage of your purchase price goes to good causes.  
Earn Donations from these Chocolate Gift Ideas
Many of the Gifts4Good participating online retailers sell chocolate-related gifts.  I've compiled some of my personal favourites like the dark chocolate gift baskets and the chocolate flower gift ideas below.  

Heart of Gold - Chocolate Hamper     $65.00  
This chocolate bouquet of red and gold milk hearts comes in a gold pail with an attached gift card.  
Earn a 6% Donation from Macarthur Baskets!

If you buy any of these gifts after seeing them on Gifts4Good, the retailers will donate a percentage back to good causes.  (Read more here about how it works)

Just Chocolates    $27.00  
Half a kilo of various yummy chocolate favourites.  Price includes gift wrapping and delivery.  
Earn a 5% Donation from Rainbow Designs!

Pure Indulgence    $80.00  
A tempting selection of quality chocolates and truffles, all beautifully presented in a gloss gift box.  
Earn a 3.75% Donation from Send A Basket!

It All Started with A Chocolate Brownie Gift!
Another reason for launching our blog with a chocolate theme is that, in one sense, Gifts4Good owes its existence to chocolate.   

When I used to work in the corporate sector, one of our suppliers regularly sent me a box of delicious, rich chocolate brownies as a Christmas gift.  

When I began thinking of social enterprise ideas, I remembered this gift and the slightly-guilty feeling I always got when they arrived at my desk.  I was volunteering in my spare time with a cash-strapped non profit organisation at the time. I couldn't help contrasting the corporate gift spending I observed in my business management role, and the number of good causes crying out for funds.  That was the germ of the idea that eventually grew into Gifts4Good.
More Chocolate Gift Ideas
So in honour of that not-so-humble chocolate brownie gift ...  here's a few options for you to shop for brownies.  Plus some 'cookies and chocolate' gift basket suggestions, and combinations with chocolate, wine and fruit, which I think almost anyone would be happy to receive.  

But unlike that past supplier of mine, if you decide to buy one of these for a customer or client, you will have the satisfaction of  knowing that at least part of your gift purchase will have a positive social impact.  

Ordinary Shopping.  Extraordinary Impact.  That's what Gifts4Good is about.   

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