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Personalized Valentine's Gifts – 35 Unique Ideas to Wow Your Sweetheart

Personalized Valentine's gifts show how much you care – browse our list for 35 awesome ideas!

Valentine's Day is all about showing that special somebody just how much they mean to you. Why not let them know how much you care by creating a customized, personalized gift all their own? There are loads of ways to personalize your gift – check out our list and get inspired! 

Spell It Out

Using chocolate melts (available at baking and craft stores) and store-bought chocolates, write out your Valentine's initials, whole name or a sweet message, using one letter per chocolate.
Message In Chocolate

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Engraving is beautiful and lasts a lifetime. You can have just about anything engraved, including rings, bracelets, pendants and watches. 

Personalized temporary tattoos are available online – get a pair made with each others names, or tease them by letting them think yours is real!

Monogramming is Very Personal

If your partner does a lot of business traveling, a set of monogrammed luggage is a great gift idea – and one that saves a lot of time at the luggage carousel! 

Monogramming a bathrobe is very elegant and old-school. Seek out a plush, thick robe like the types offered in hotels and spas. Be sure to pay attention to his or her favourite colours! 

Instead of the old-fashioned practice of “His and Hers” bathroom towels, give a surprise with towels embroidered with sweet nicknames you have for each other. This is a lovely way to celebrate a recent marriage or moving-in-together.

If the two of you are ink-lovers, surprise them with gift certificates for matching tattoos. Instead of the dreaded 'kiss of death' name tattoo, consider something else that represents your relationship in a more subtle way. Favorite song lyrics or poetry are great options. 

How Sweet It Is ...

Pressed for time? Creating an adorably personalized gift is only a few steps away. Find a cute snapshot of you as a couple and place it in a beautiful frame. If you have a bit more time, have an engraved plaque attached with your names, your anniversary or a meaningful quote.

If they adore stuffed animals, take the traditional Valentine's bear a step further by having your names or anniversary embroidered on a bear's foot or ear. There are many stores which offer this service, plus loads of different colours and animals from which to choose.
Gorgeous opal pendant necklace

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Price does not include duty / tax. Show off a classic with this opal gemstone necklace by Blue Nile, framed in sterling silver and finished off with elegant rope detailing.

Book carving is a relatively new form of artwork in which the fanned pages of a book, new or vintage, are 'carved' to form words or shapes. Have one made with your honey's name, a very short message or a classically romantic heart shape. 

A growing number of wine and liquor companies offer the service of customized labels. For a varying cost, you can have custom bottle labels printed commemorating your sweetheart. Other options include engraved or etched glass bottles.

If you're a forward-thinking gifter or perhaps enjoying your first year together as a couple, consider having a beautiful box carved, engraved or embroidered with your initials and the date. Fill the time capsule with ticket stubs, photos and other reminders of your current relationship, show it to your loved one , let them add what they like, then seal it up. Open it in 5 or 10 years to make a future Valentine's Day ultra-special! 

If your honey adores jewelry, give them a special place to keep it! Extremely attractive jewelry boxes can be found very inexpensively; personalize it by carving or embroidering with their initials or a special message. 
Personalised Keepsake Box

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A gorgeous glass jewelery box that makes a lovely keepsake for a special friend.  Personalised with their name and your choice of message.  Made to order so please allow an extra 3 days for delivery

Personalization doesn't always have to include a name or initials. Cartography art – art made from or with maps – is becoming quite trendy and is automatically personal. Choose a hometown or a favourite vacation spot and have a map printed in a favourite colour. You could make this idea more couple-oriented by placing hearts or stars on both of your birth places. 

Little Personal Touches

If you're pressed for time or inspiration, you can quickly have a flower shop print a banner with a personal message – this can make less-than-amazing flowers seem extra special!   

Can't survive without that morning coffee fix? Gift a high-quality coffee mug or thermos and have it engraved or otherwise personalized with colour or 

Non Traditional Personalisation

Instead of the traditional red roses, give your sweetie a bouquet that's uniquely hers. Each birth month has a flower which corresponds. Look it up online and present her with a bouquet with special meaning.  
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Using the same month-specific flowers, put together a personalized bouquet combining both of your birth dates, your anniversary, or another significant date in your relationship.

If she loves her birthstone, your job is easy! Gorgeous birthstone jewelry is easy to find and always a thoughtful gift. If she's not too fond of the colour, try alternate birthstones. Each month has several alternates, and the Chinese zodiac has stones for each month as well. She'll adore this different take on an age-old idea! Bonus points for engraving.

If your rhyming skills are up to the task, go old-school and compose a heartfelt poem for your Valentine. It doesn't get much more personalized than that!

Does he or she love a particular sport? Treat them to a day at the game; depending on the venue, you may even be able to get a special message put on the big screen.

More Personalised Suggestions

A silly but fun idea for pizza lovers - have a lighthearted Valentine's by getting a heart-shaped pizza (available at many pizza chains this time of year) and personalizing with extra toppings.   

If your girl loves anything vintage, search online and in thrift and antique shops for an authentic vintage locket. Place a picture of you as a couple inside. If you can't find the real deal, there are plenty of replicas to be found in shops and online.

For a surprisingly small fee, there are many artists (online and local) who will paint your sweetheart's portrait using a photograph. For an extra-personal touch, have it done in his or her favourite style (vintage, caricature, pop-art). 

For a step up from the traditional chocolate box, seek out your partner's all-time favourite sweets and put together a gift box like none other. Out-of-town favorites, perhaps sweets they grew up on but can't find anymore, are an excellent touch and can be found online.  

For something a little naughty, His-and-Hers personalized underwear can be found online and in specialty shops for a naughty-but-nice gift.  

Find out your sweetheart's favorite childhood spots, like amusement parks, zoos or regular parks – then plan a day out filled with memories old and new!  

Regular spa-goers will adore being treated at home, celebrity style! Find out her favorite spa treatments, then hire a nail technician, skin care specialist, massage therapist or all three for a day of total pampering!  

Find out (if you don't already know) your honey's favourite everything, from breakfast foods to activities to...whatever! Plan a whole day around these, adjusting for time and budget as necessary.  

Collect several great pictures of you as a couple, then create a slide show and set it as the wallpaper on your Valentine's computer.  

 Create several playlists of your honey's favorite songs, then load them onto a gifted mp3 player for a gift they'll enjoy every day!  

If formal dinners or other traditional dates aren't their thing, plan a night in with their favorite movies and foods. Add a bottle of champagne to up the romance factor.  

For a small fee, have lots of photos of each of you and the two of you as a couple turned into a larger mosaic photo collage. This service is available online and at photo shops.   

Any of these ideas for a personalised Valentines gift is sure to make the day special - simply because it shows you cared enough to make extra effort just for them!

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