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21 Unique Easter Gift Ideas - Fair Trade and Organic

Looking for a unique Easter gift? Our list contains 21 fair trade and organic ways to celebrate. And all purchases from this page earn a free 4.5% donation for charity from retailer, Biome.

This Easter, Biome makes it easy to choose fair trade and organic Easter chocolates and gifts.  You can celebrate Easter in a way that’s fair to producers and better for yourself and your family! This Easter gift guide also has lots of ideas for vegan and dairy-free shoppers too. 

Easter is usually a time of chocolate overload!  However, there are many other beautiful Easter egg options made of paper, ceramic or other long-lasting materials that can be a lovely gift at this time of year.  

But if it just doesn’t feel like Easter without chocolate, please choose fair trade chocolate products this year.  Fair trade chocolate is made with cocoa purchased with fairness from the community that grows the crop. 
Fair Trade Chocolate Eggs

From: $7.95
For allergy aware customers, you may have to search a little harder for Easter treats for kids.  Egg-free all natural options are available from speciality retailers selling organic products. 
Easter Bunny Biscuit

From: $2.50
Australian Easter all natural chocolate gingerbread bunny biscuit decorated with unique egg-free royal icing. Presented in smart, compostable packaging. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  30g

Unique Easter Gift - Fair Trade or Handmade

The fair trade movement has grown quickly over the last few years, so you have plenty of choices for Easter chocolates.  From plain chocolate bars to elaborate chocolate bunnies and eggs, just look for a fair trade symbol or mark on the box.  
Fair Trade Chocolate Bunny

From: $21.95
100% certified organic ingredients that are grown and purchased through the Hand in Hand™ fair trade chocolate program.  Delicious fair trade Easter organic chocolate bunny.  Made in Australia from imported ingredients.  200g
Did we mention truffles?  Fair trade options for individually wrapped, melt-in-your mouth balls of chocolate with soft centres can also can be sourced from organically grown products.  
Organic Truffles

From: $10.95
Alter Eco truffles are smooth balls of Peruvian chocolate with a melty, silky center crafted from coconut oil and milk chocolate. Organically grown, fair trade, GMO-free, gluten free, compostable wrappers. 58% cocoa. Box of 10 individually wrapped truffles.
As an alternative to chocolate at Easter, other fair trade gift ideas include handmade options from artisans in developing countries.  You’ll provide employment for rural and poor women while you shop. 

Hand painted eggs or other gifts are always popular.  Buy them from a local artist or fair trade outlet to be sure you are paying a fair and non-exploitative price for the work. 

If you want a cute easter gift idea, then handmade fluffy chicks or bunnies may be just what you’re looking for.  These type of gifts aren’t just for kids – combine with Easter eggs for a sweet touch everyone will appreciate!  

Some Easter gifts are purely decorative.  However, why not give a unique hand made gift that is practical and useful too!  This could be a wearable gift, wall art or something for the home.  
Pantry Partner

From: $14.95
Give this chicken free range in your pantry!  Filled with a traditional mix of insect deterring herbs and essential oils, it will help keep your cupboard insect free. Squeeze occasionally to refresh the fragrance.  Fabric design is random and may vary from that pictured.

Carob Not Chocolate

Carob is a naturally sweet product that grows as fruit (carob pods) on a tree.  It tastes similar to chocolate, yet does not contain the same levels of caffeine, sugar and fat as a standard chocolate bar.  If you’re seeking a healthier alternative this Easter, consider carob.  
Carob Bar

From: $1.40
Meet Banjo The Carob Bear, a delicious carob treat made with Australian grown carob and real cocoa butter.  Only the purest natural ingredients are added to blend a mild, naturally sweet smooth carob bear.  100% palm oil free, gluten free, preservative free & caffeine free. 15g bar.
Carob powder can be used in confectionery in much the same way as cocoa powder.  So carob doesn’t just come in chocolate bars – you should be able to find the standard Easter eggs and bunny shapes as well! 
Carob Easter Egg

From: $14.95
Celebrate Easter with Banjo The Carob Bunny, a delicious carob easter egg made with Australian grown carob and real cocoa butter.  Only the purest natural ingredients are added to blend a mild, naturally sweet smooth carob easter egg.  

100% palm oil free, gluten free, preservative free & caffeine free. 100g easter egg.

Vegan and Dairy Free

Dairy free chocolate? Really?  Made from a special recipe, this type of chocolate is becoming more commonly available.  If you want a wide range of choices, seek out specialty retailers or visit your local health food shop.  
Dairy Free Easter Egg

From: $12.95
This vegan and dairy free alternative to milk chocolate Easter eggs is simply delicious and perfect for kids or adults of any age who can't have dairy products, are Vegan or just enjoy quality tasting milk-style chocolate.  100g
There are also brands specifically made for vegans. Chocolate itself comes from a plant, but in the process of getting to you, additives such as milk and milk fat are usually added.  Vegan chocolates use recipes without these ingredients.  
Vegan Chocolate Bar

From: $4.30
Gorgeous heart-shaped chocolate handmade in Melbourne with single origin Certified Organic Raw Cacao.  A decadent vegan treat packed with healthy antioxidants.
Most vegan chocolates are organic and fair trade as well.  And some of them come in the most amazing and unusual flavours so make unique easter gifts.  Think cinnamon and coconut, fig and wild orange, chilli chocolate and more.  Yum!  
Fig and Wild Orange Chocolate

From: $6.95
Pana chocolate is handmade from 100% natural, organic and raw ingredients with 100% pure essential oils.  A decadent vegan treat packed with healthy antioxidants.

Baby Easter Gifts 

For a new baby or infant born around Easter, adorable soft bunny rattles are lovely gift idea.   
Bunny Baby Rattle

From: $15.95
This super soft rattle has a hand stitched face and floppy ears with an easy grasp 'donut ring' body.  Made with 100% certified organic cotton velour with Oeketex aproved corn starch filling. Machine washable.
There are also teething toys that suit the Easter theme.  
Bunny Teething Toy

From: $19.95
The natural wooden teething ring, luxuriously soft body & gentle rattle make it the ideal gift for newborns & teething bubs.  No plastic packaging.
If you prefer a local focus, look for bilby soft toys.  This Australian native animal is a great alternative to bunny rabbit gifts.  
Barefoot Bilby

From: $19.00
This gorgeous little Australian bilby makes a great child's companion. 15cm long. Hand made using 100% natural fibres and non-toxic dyes. Colours selected at random.

Easter Themed Books and CDs 

An uplifting and inspirational book of quotes makes a unique Easter gift.   For those with a strong faith, this can be a way to be true to the origins of Easter.  Or simply a way to connect to the deeper meaning of the occasion.  
Kate Knapp Nest Eggs

From: $24.95
Twigseeds has hatched a flock of feathered philosophers who inspire us to believe in the value of all living things.  Filled with Kate's collection of inspiring illustrations with thought provoking quotations.
A gift idea for children is to buy a CD or DVD that engages them at Easter through music and songs.  
Funky Chicken Book

From: $24.95
Funky Chicken : A bushy tale of crocs & chooks is a legendary story by Chris Collin (with illustrations by Megan Kitchin). With a rollicking rhyme, a story that will leave you in stitches and funky illustrations to boot, this delightful picture story book is set to become an Australian children's classic. Audio/visual CD included with book.
Traditional story books are another classic gift - and there’s no shortage of stories suited to the occasion.  
Have You Seen My Egg?

From: $17.99
Children's Storybook.  Eddy Emu has lost one of his eggs. He travels far and wide, looking for it. Join Eddy on his search and meet his friends. See all their different eggs and meet the babies that have just hatched. And, finally, find out what happened to Eddy’s egg.
Lastly, Easter seems to be a time when arts and crafts take centre stage with kids particularly really enjoying colouring and creating Easter baskets and gifts.  Easter-themed crochet and knitting patterns abound, together with craft kits and more.  A perfect gift for a craft lover!  Or use these items yourself to make a beautiful hand made gift for friends or family.

It’s clear that there are plenty of options to celebrate Easter in a unique way without buying mass-produced products.  Remember, Biome will make a charity donation of 4.5% of the purchase price of any products bought via this Gifts4Good blog page.  Thanks Biome! 

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