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18 Easter Treats for Kids - No Chocolate in Sight!

Here’s 18 gorgeous Easter treats for kids without sweets or chocolate. From rabbits to keepsake eggs and nightlights, there’s more options than you might think…

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Yes, you can give a child an Easter gift without the sugar overload that comes from too much chocolate!   This year, check out the beautiful range of gifts from Lime Tree Kids.  Lime Tree Kids will donate 5% to charity for all purchases from this page.

The ever-popular Peter Rabbit comes out to play even more than usual at Easter! The beloved Peter Rabbit features in story books, money boxes, cups and plates and so much more.  
Peter Rabbit Money Box

From: $8.95
Adorably cute gifts for kids from Peter Rabbit, like this pretty tin money box that will make saving pennies so much fun!  The money box has a tin stopper at the bottom and the designs are different all around.  

Approx Dimensions: Size 77x 77x 92mm
It’s true that kids love Easter Eggs.   So if you want to cut down on chocolate, one option to consider is giving a longer-lasting egg made of tin, ceramic or even paper.  Fill it with candy if you must!
Vintage Tin Eggs

From: $6.95
Delightfully designed from long lasting tin with cute chickies and cheery colours for the front and back, these Easter eggs will add a touch of traditional sweetness to your celebrations.

Dimensions: L110mm x W67mm x H65mm
But if you want to avoid sweets altogether for a toddler, look for something that’s sweet in a different way.  Plush bunny toys are the ultimate in adorable with their long soft ears.
Jellycat Blossom Bunny

From: $39.95
The ultimate in plush, soft toys for babies and toddlers.  Luscious fluffy soft ears and adorable felt noses. This Bashful Blossom Bunny from Jellycat is one of those toys you want to cuddle and hold forever!!

Suitable from birth, for all ages.

Fluffy Easter Treats for Kids

More rabbits anyone?  Soft toys come in all shapes and sizes – you can choose a giant one for daytime cuddling, or a tiny companion to snuggle with at night.  
Bashful Bunny

From: $21.95
The Bashful Beige bunny rabbit, in 3 different sizes, is destined to become your child's favourite for years to come. Jellycat creations are delightful to give and precious to hold...for a long long time.
There are so many fluffy bunnies, we couldn’t choose just one or two to share in this list of easter gift ideas.  Here’s another that’s cuddly and adorable.  
Huggie Bunny

From: $25.95
Becky Bunny Huggie will be baby's buddy right from day one! Baby soft toys from O.B Designs are delightful and cute for everyone! The embroidered name patch on the belly adds a delightfully unique touch to this plush baby toy.

Size: 33cm from head to toe
A plush bunny soother is an ideal gift for a new baby born near Easter.  Super cuddly and soft, and cute as well!
Baby Blankies

From: $32.95
A plush baby blankie that’ll soothe your little one and be a friend instantly! The Jellycat Bashful Bunny soother is a delightful pink blankie with an adorable bunny to comfort and cuddle. 
An alternative to a soft toy is a hand puppet.  Chickens, bunnies and ducklings all suit an Easter theme, and kids can have tons of fun playing with family or friends. 
Duckling Puppet

From: $42.95
Hand puppets from Folkmanis are delightfully crafted and tons of fun for everyone!! This adorably cute yellow duckling hand puppet is perfect for bringing story time to life with his cute detailing, including movable beak and wings.

Night-time Treats

You may not have thought of a night light as a possible easter gift idea for kids.  But why not?  Easter is a wonderful excuse to buy them an adorable rabbit lamp. 
Rabbit and Carrot Nightlight

From: $19.95
This little happy bunny with a carrot kids night light from Rawspace will hop its way into your child’s heart and delight them with it’s cute expression and lovely light! 

Dimensions: H 15cm W 8cm
We all know it’s important for children to build good habits around brushing their teeth.  Give them a new toothbrush at Easter with a rabbit theme, and make the nightly chore more enjoyable.
Organic Toothbrushes

From: $5.95
These organic toothbrushes come with a compostable and biodegradable handle made of 100% cornstarch.  Rounded nylon bristles and a design that makes brushing teeth fun and safe.

You can be sure that these toothbrushes will not be land-fill for millions of years to come - unlike many toothbrushes in use today.
Another way to make night-time fun, is with a bunny cup for the bathroom.  The perfect companion to a rabbit toothbrush!
Bunny Cup

From: $9.95
This very cute bunny rinse/storage cup would make a great addition to your child's bathroom.  Made from bamboo & rice husks, this biodegradable cup is earth friendly and stylish!

These are naturally BPA & PVC Free and also dishwasher safe. 

Treasures and Storage Ideas

Add style to a child’s room with a toy storage box featuring a colourful rabbit or two!  Practical yet fun …
Rabbit Toy Storage Box

From: $34.95
Featuring the stylish and cute 3 Sprouts eco-spun felt appliques and in bright cheery colours on a neutral background makes these toy boxes delightful décor accents as well.

Dimensions: 13" height x 13" width
A cute lunchbox with a rabbit or Easter theme is another useful Easter gift idea.  If you buy a classic design like Peter Rabbit, it can make a pretty keepsake as they grow older as well.
Peter Rabbit Lunchbox

From: $16.95
Kids lunchboxes from Peter Rabbit are delightfully retro and adorably cute. This tin lunchbox featuring the adorably cute Peter Rabbit immortalised by Beatrix Potter will be perfect for kids of all ages.  Approx Dimension: 20cm x 15cm x 11cm
Every child has treasures they love to keep handy.  A little storage or sewing tin featuring story book characters or cute rabbit themes is a great way to stay tidy but with those little bits and pieces always ready to display.  
Cute Storage Tin

From: $8.95
Adorably designed featuring Belle and Boo in a vintage, evergreen style, this is one tin box you’ll love to display!  A unique treasure tin perfect for keeping little bits and pieces tidy and handy.
Instead of chocolate eggs, give your kids some homemade biscuits in a glass jar in cute Easter colours.  This is something which could work particularly well for children with allergies.
Biscuit Jar

From: $12.00
Styled like the classic cookie jars, these delightful clear glass jars are great to display in your kitchen, dining table or anywhere.  17cm high and 17cm wide.  Available in 4 cheery colours.

More Easter Gifts for Kids

Does your little one love Belle and Boo?  This is another cute bunny who is wonderful to have around at mealtimes!  
Belle and Boo Breakfast Set

From: $28.95
Make mealtimes delightfully fun with Belle and Boo! This gorgeous melamine 3 piece breakfast set comes complete with a plate, bowl and mug featuring the much-loved Belle and her darling Boo.
To really spoil them, a complete tea set provides hours of enjoyment.  
Bunny Tea Set

From: $69.95
A complete 19-piece set made from melamine, this is one toy that kids will love to play with. Great for hosting pretend parties.  Plus, it will be a great display piece once they’ve outgrown it as well.  
Kids jewellery featuring animals is another unusual Easter gift idea.  Most young kids will love a unique and fun necklace with a rabbit, butterfly, chicken, squirrel or other animal from a storybook. 
Squirrel Necklace

From: $19.95
Delicate, sweet and absolutely unique kids gifts come from Rare Rabbit’s range of jewellery for kids, like this cheery Red Squirrel necklace.  Handcrafted from sustainable wood, lead and cadmium free so it's safe for your little one.
At the larger end of the scale, big toys and push-carts also come in many animal forms.  A rabbit trolley perhaps? 
Rabbit Push Trolley

From: $100
This wooden super cute rabbit cart by toymaker, Janod, will be loved by your little one. It is perfect for guiding your little one as a push along during those early first steps.
Remember, all Easter treats for kids purchased via this Gifts4Good blog page will attract a 5% charity donation from Lime Tree Kids.  Thanks for supporting a great cause while you shop!

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