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We're sad to see you go!

Please take a minute to tell us why you no longer want to use the Reminder to earn free donations. 

If there's something we can improve, we'd love your feedback.

Instructions to Uninstall Reminder

    Option A - via the Shop4Good Reminder

  1. Right mouse click on the Gifts4Good Reminder icon in the top right of your screen.
  2. Choose 'Remove from Chrome' option
  3. In the dialogue box that pops up, click OK to confirm removal.
  4. The icon disappears and you have now uninstalled the Shop4Good Reminder
  5. If you've done this by mistake, it's easy to reinstall it. Just click the button to get the Reminder again via this page.

    Option B - via Google Chrome

  1. From the Chrome Menu (three horizontal lines on the top right), select More Tools and then Extensions.
  2. Make sure you're in the Extensions tab.
  3. Look for Gifts4Good Reminder on the list.
  4. Click the little trash bin to Uninstall (remove from Chrome).
  5. If the trash bin icon is grayed out, click the options button below the extension's description. Follow the steps to the removal tool. In the dialogue box that pops up, click Uninstall again.

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