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Buy a Chocolate Gift That Does Good!

Here's a way to buy chocolate gift products and know that every dollar you spend is doing social good!  The Mildura Chocolate Company has been operating since 2009, and was established to provide employment opportunities for adults with a disability in a regional area of Victoria.

This social enterprise sources its raw chocolate from one of Australia's leading chocolate producers in the Yarra Valley.  So there's no concerns about quality or taste!

What MCC creates is opportunity.  The business is all about training their supported workforce in operating the melting and tempering machines, pouring chocolate into moulds, de-moulding and then hand-wrapping the finished products.  

For many years, they've sold products from their own shop and at farmers markets, stalls in the local area.  Now there's a way for customers from all around Australia to buy chocolate gift products from the Mildura Chocolate Company and support their great work.   Over the last year, MCC has worked to design polystyrene boxes that protect their products from the heat, so that posting chocolate hampers around Australia is feasible.  Although perhaps not in the midst of the tropical summer ... talk to Mildura Chocolates if you have any concerns.  Take a look at the online shop here

The company makes hampers, gift boxes and chocolate bars, and specialises in incorporating some of the local flavours from the Mildura region.  And there's lots to choose from in the Sunraysia area, including nuts, dried fruit, citrus and even salt.  I really want to try one of their most popular products, chocolate dipped oranges.  Yum!

The Mildura Chocolate Company can also make personalised corporate gifts, which allow your company to support a business which is creating social value.  

MCC can design custom wrappers for your company, assemble a custom corporate gift box or hamper or even do a mould of your business logo or corporate message.  The setup fee for your own mould is around $600-800, so if you're planning large quantities, its surprisingly cost-effective.  There is a downloadable corporate gift ideas booklet on the Mildura Chocolate Company site which may be worth taking a look at.

The personalised touch can also extend to other customised gifts, such as bonbonniere for weddings.  If you're visiting the Mildura area, you may also be interested in the regular tours they run.  You can visit the Mildura Chocolate Company factory, see how the chocolates are made, do the all important tasting and view the gift range.

And of course, you can feel great that every chocolate gift item you buy has provided employment for adults with a disability.  That's what I love about social enterprise!

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