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UWC is an education movement comprising 15 international schools and colleges, national committees in more than 140 countries, and a series of short educational programmes. Students are selected from around the globe based on their merit and potential. UWC schools, colleges and national committees offer scholarship and bursary schemes as well as accepting a number of fee-paying students that varies by college.

The National Committee of Australia carry out the in country activities by promoting the UWC movement and conducting selections each year for Australian students to attend the international schools and colleges.We recognise our interdependence with the environment and actively seek solutions that will contribute to a sustainable future. We are committed to building communities that are free from prejudice and intolerance irrespective of gender, socioeconomic, cultural, racial, religious or national backgrounds. We are committed to the concept of learning through doing and the value of interactions and experience. By taking the initiative and challenging ourselves, we learn about ourselves and those around us, as well as developing a sense of responsibility for others.

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