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Be Uplifted is a unique boutique breast cancer charity that seeks to improve the lives of women, men and their families experiencing difficulty or disadvantage as a consequence of breast cancer such as poverty, illness or such. We provide funds enabling them to access services, programs, pay bills and receive goods or assistance to alleviate that difficulty or disadvantage.

We receive our recipients from North West Hospital, Holy Spirit Hospital, Redcliffe Hospital and Caboolture Private Hospital.
Be Uplifted Inc. came into existence as a consequence of two friends walking their own breast cancer journeys. The impact of the financial costs of the journey of one of the women, a solo mum, prompted the other to organise fundraisers to assist her meet the unplanned and unexpected costs her journey involved.
As time progressed Be Uplifted Inc. was formed and its focus is ‘the costs of breast cancer’. WE ARE ABOUT PEOPLE NOT RESEARCH.

One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer before they reach the age of eighty-five, the highest percentage of those women will suffer breast cancer. In recent years there have been a number of charities formed connected to breast cancer and many companies contribute to their nation-wide appeals. However the majority of these groups focus on research or patient care with minimal assistance being given towards the ‘costs’ encountered.

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