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About Gifts4Good

Fact: Australians spent more than $19 billion online shopping in the last 12 months 

Fact: Six million shoppers chose to buy presents online last Christmas

Imagine the impact if just one percent of this went to charities ... 

What if it was two percent?

Think of the difference that could be made ...

The reality:  

Now all your purchases can contribute to the greater good and make the world a better place...Up to 5% of purchases can be donated by vendors to a good cause of your choice.  Or you can shop at retailers that have a mission of making a difference. 

All you need to do is make the effort to shop where you can make an impact. 

(Fact Source:  Commonwealth Bank and NAB).  

Who We Are

Gifts4Good is a shopping platform that makes it easy for you to contribute towards a better future with every purchase you make.  As a social enterprise, we are inspired by the idea that individuals can play a part in social change through their everyday activities. Read more about our team and our mission.

Join our community today ... and make a difference with your shopping!

Support Great Causes While You Shop ...

Here's an overview of a few things you can do on our website ...

Earn Donations by Shopping 

Shop for gifts and cards (or almost any other product!) at one of our 400+ participating online stores and a percentage of your purchase will be donated at no cost to you.  Read how it works and about the great causes your shopping will support.  

You'll make a difference without paying extra!   

Find Charity Greeting Cards

Many people would like to buy greeting cards to benefit charities and other good causes.  However, finding the right card supporting a meaningful cause isn't always easy.  Please help Gifts4Good create a single source for all charity and fundraising greeting cards in Australia ... 

Buying cards for your favourite cause will be super easy!

Discover Great "Impact Gifts"

Australia is home to a wonderful group of creators and sellers of gifts that make a positive social impact.  Gifts which support local and international artisans, reduce landfill, employ disadvantaged people, raise funds for great causes etc.  Gifts4Good will tell their stories ... 

So you can discover great gifts and support their work.

Share Your Favourites...

All our gift ideas lists have a share feature, so you can tell the world about the great gifts you discover!

Gift Ideas and Stories

Our newsletter and blog updates will be full of inspiring stories and great gift ideas.  

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You can use our search tools to find the product, change-maker or gift idea you're looking for.

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