Make a difference just by shopping!

Small individual actions multiplied thousands of times can make a huge impact to Australian charities.  

Your small card purchase may result in a gift of 20 cents, $1, or $10 to a charity, but when we all act collectively the total amounts can be really worthwhile.  

For example, in 2010 Choice Magazine looked into Christmas cards that give a portion of sales to charities and published the following figures:

  • Hallmark, Australia's largest greeting card provider, nominates one card box each year to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation at both Christmas time and Mothers Day.  This program has resulted in donations of over $1 million since the program began in 2002.
  • Flaming Rhino Design, a smaller greeting card provider, donates 10% of the wholesale price of boxed Christmas and corporate cards to The Salvation Army.  Since 1997, they have raised in excess of $410,000.

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