Make a difference just by shopping!

Can we get our greeting cards included on Gifts4Good?

We would be pleased to include details of your cards, subject to the following criteria:


  1. Greeting cards must be able to be sold from your website or a dedicated third party charity card website. We provide links only; Gifts4Good does not design or produce cards.
  2. Registered Australian charities are eligible for inclusion.  Social enterprises, non-profit community associations and other organisations selling cards for cause-related fundraising may be considered upon application. Commercial greeting card providers are invited to join our partner store program for customers to earn charity donations while they shop. 
  3. At least 5% of the card price must support the non-profit cause.  We encourage full disclosure of the percentage of the card price that directly benefits the organisation/social cause.  Higher donation percentages will rank higher in the search results.
  4. Quality of card design and ease of the online ordering process will also be considered.  We seek visually appealing professional quality cards that will interest a broad audience.  

We reserve the right to decline to list cards that do not meet our criteria.

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